About the dolls

Birth giving and breastfeeding dolls:

When I designed these dolls I had midwifes, doulas, educators, therapist and parents in mind who want to teach about the wonders of pregnancy and birth. They are 21 inch tall. Made by using traditional "Waldorf" techniques and some new ways to sew dolls. They are stuffed with clean organic sheep wool. The body is partly weighed with granulat of Glorex. The skin is of high quality jersey and interlock. All machine seams are sewn with a triple stitch of tear-resistant yarn.The babies are 7 inch. The wig of wool felts shows fontanels. They are made by using the same material as the mothers. Arms and legs are filled with granulat of Glorex. The eyes of the mothers are carefully embroidered. The Baby's eyes are painted with the same attention.For the cloths of my dolls I use high quality cotton fabrics like jersey and popeline. Most are organic cloth (GOTS-certified), some times I recycle beautiful fabrics.A mother doll can hold her Baby, because she has magnets in her wrists and she can breastfeed the baby due to magnets in her breasts and the mouth of her Baby. The magnets are hidden behind the skin fabric.The placenta can be placed in womb by a magnet and the cord can be disconnected with a snap.
My dolls are made from high quality, mostly organic materials, inspired by classic waldorf dolls. But over the years I developed my own patterns and techniques for doll making.My dolls are OOAK. Unique pieces designed for education and play. Although my birth giving dolls are not designed as a toy for young children, yet they are steady processed and fulfil by the choice of materials and the method of production, the European guidelines for toys and bear the CE mark. My studio is placed in a pet free and smoke free environment.
I highly recommend my dolls for school children and to show them first with parents accompaniment.My dolls are not suitable for children under three years due to small parts and magnets. Choking hazard.